Once again the Scottish Government is on the warpath, this time in respect of air guns.

Would they not be better off spending the money in taking on real gun crime. Why should kids and others who enjoy target practice be stopped from their hobby, because of a few irresponsible people.

The laws are there to deal with the irresponsible people who misuse air guns, why punish the responsible ones.

Once again like their alcohol proposals it appears to me that they are prepared to punish the many responsible people, because of the actions of a few.

Should knife crime and the easy availability of purchase of them not be the first priority.

The minute that you use a knife, the potential of death is there. At the moment you can buy these lock knifes for as little as �8.

Deal with this hard issue, and then move onto the softer more headline grabbing issue of air guns.

This is not to undermine the genuine concerns of the public. The tragic incident in Glasgow where a toddler was killed occurred because of the activities of a dangerous and violent individual who was punished accordingly - licensing or banning the sale of air weapons would not prevent a recurrence.

There are no dangerous air guns - only dangerous idiots who fire the things.

Please move away from headline grabbing initiatives and get to grip with our concerns, anti social behaviour.