SICK Barrhead killer Stephen Price posed by his victim"s body brandishing the knife he used to stab him 80 times.

Murderer Price, 19, and his teenage girlfriend were also snapped on the mobile phone as they cavorted in a bath minutes later washing their victim"s blood from themselves.

At the High Court in Glasgow judge Lord Brodie was shown the horrific images by prosecutor Derek Ogg QC.

Price, of Crossmill Avenue, pleaded guilty to murdering 24-year-old Scott Burgess in his home at Glen Street, Paisley, between August 23 and September 6, last year. Karen Duncan, 17, admitted culpable homicide.

She and her sister Irene Duncan, 18, both of Glen Street, Paisley, also admitted attempting to defeat the ends of justice by trying to conceal evidence.

Mr Ogg told the court there was no motive for the horrific crime apart from the fact that Price believed Mr Burgess had made some derogatory remarks about his friends.

The court was told that the three accused hatched a drink-fuelled plot to force their way into Burgess" flat.

Once inside Price launched what Mr Ogg described as 'a frenzied and sustained knife assault' amounting to at least 80 separate blows.

Mr Ogg said: 'So furious was the assault Price managed to stab himself in the arm.

'Mr Burgess collapsed into unconsciousness or death and Price then posed with his body, brandishing his knife and smiling whilst one of the Duncan girls photographed him on a mobile phone camera.

'They left him lying in the living room and went next door to the Duncan girls" flat where their half sister Pamela Armour was having a bath.

'Price entered the bathroom and was described by Miss Armour as being covered in blood, including his face, hair and hands.

'He was holding a blood-covered knife and was calm with an expressionless face.' Miss Armour met her sisters who were agitated and Karen was 'freaking out' shouting that Pricey had stabbed him.

Karen sat on a couch crying and confessed to stabbing Burgess twice herself with a screwdriver.

Mr Ogg added: 'Price then rejoined the company. He still had the knife with him and appeared now to be aggressive and bragging about his conduct.

'He described how he murdered Mr Burgess, how he head-butted him, and stabbed him on the front of the body, turned him over and stabbed him on the back, then stabbed him on the temple.' Mr Ogg then described how all three began to laugh and how Karen and Price went into the bath.

He added: 'Irene was taking a picture on the mobile phone of the two in the bath. Price still had the knife and he too was laughing.' At one point Karen told Price she had stabbed Burgess twice and he boasted: 'Aye well, I was the one that stabbed him the most. It"s me that killed him.' After the murder there was a sustained and calculated attempt by the sisters to destroy evidence.

They couldn"t burn their wet clothing so they buried it in a black bin bag along with the knife, the screwdriver and the mobile phone.

Bloodstained carpet was cut out, shoved down the rubbish chute and then burnt in the bins below.

Over the next few days the Duncans returned to the death flat and moved Mr Burgess" body from the living room so that no one would see it from the letter box and hauled it to an upstairs bathroom where he was dumped face down in the bath.

Said Mr Ogg: 'The bath was then filled with water and bleach added, presumably in an attempt to mask signs of decomposition.

'The bathroom door was then closed to hide the grisly scene from any view.' The callous Duncans also formed a plan to explain away Price"s injuries by dialling 999 and claiming that the three of them had been attacked by a gang.

Mr Ogg said: 'Far from being immediate and instinctive reactions in the heat of the moment to avoid guilt these acts constituted a thought out and callous campaign over a number of days.

'It betrayed gross levels of depravity and indifference to the dignity of the dead man as well as adding to the grief and devastation of his family.' Members of Mr Burgess" concerned family went to the flat looking for him and saw blood stains when they looked through the kitchen window.

When they entered the house they found more bloodstains in the living room.

They searched the flat and found Mr Burgess" body in the bath.

Judge Lord Brodie said: 'One of the stark features of this case are the mobile phone photographs.' He deferred sentence until next month for background reports.

Defence counsel for all three will make their pleas in mitigation then.