I’m A Celebrity… South Africa is set to hit our screens later this year and will see famous faces from the original format battle it out to become the first I’m A Celebrity Legend.

With the line-up including a former professional boxer, soap star and singer-songwriter from the Madchester scene, we take a closer look at the celebrities jetting off to take on some of the toughest trials yet.

Amir Khan

Former professional boxer Amir Khan, 36, appeared on the 17th series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! in 2017.

Amir Khan (ITV/PA)

It was not long before Khan found himself at the centre of controversy in the Australian jungle when he and campmate comedian Iain Lee kept a prize won during a Dingo Dollar Challenge to themselves.

Khan and Lee found themselves embroiled in “Strawberry Gate” after they devoured a prize of strawberries and cream instead of taking it back to camp to share with their fellow contestants.

After admitting what they had done, Khan allowed Lee to take the heat from the others in the jungle and the fallout continued for days.

Ahead of appearing on the all-stars series, Khan said: “I’m determined this time not to be soft when it comes to the trials.”

Jordan Banjo

Jordan Banjo, one of the best-known stars of dance troupe Diversity, landed in the Australian jungle for the 16th series of I’m A Celebrity…

Jordan Banjo (ITV/PA)

The 30-year-old became the fourth celebrity to leave the show during the 2016 series.

Banjo, who also hosts the Kiss radio breakfast show alongside fellow Diversity member Perri Kiely, said: “How many people get the chance to do it twice?

“A series with different campmates from over the years sounds pretty cool and my fellow Diversity dancers are excited to see me suffer again.”

Helen Flanagan

Former Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan first took part in I’m A Celebrity… more than a decade ago in its 12th series.

Helen Flanagan (ITV/PA)

The 32-year-old actress, best known for playing Rosie Webster in the ITV soap, was voted to take part in her fair share of Bushtucker Trials due to her often squeamish reaction, which entertained audiences.

Flanagan, who finished in seventh place the first time around, said: “I am not saying I am going to go in and be a jungle warrior and be absolutely amazing because I will not.

“Yes, I will be scared but I will have a go and I will be a lot better than last time.”

Carol Vorderman

TV presenter and former Countdown star Carol Vorderman took her first shot at I’m A Celebrity… alongside Banjo in 2016.

Carol Vorderman (ITV/PA)

The 62-year-old managed 19 days in the jungle before becoming the fifth contestant to be eliminated.

Speaking about participating in I’m A Celebrity… South Africa, Vorderman said: “Doing I’m A Celebrity changed me a lot and I can’t wait to take part in this new series.

“I loved everything about I’m A Celebrity (the first time round).”

She also revealed: “We’ve still got a WhatsApp group (from 2016).”

Fatima Whitbread

Former professional javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread first appeared in the 11th series of I’m A Celebrity… and is remembered by many for ending up with a cockroach stuck up her nose after she was required to wear a helmet containing thousands of the insects as part of a Bushtucker Trial.

Fatima Whitbread (ITV/PA)

Whitbread, 62, ultimately received assistance from the show’s medical team who used a syringe to flush water up her nose and remove not one but two critters, leaving the show’s presenters, Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, lost for words.

Two-time Olympic medal winner Whitbread, who finished the 2011 series in third place, said: “I learnt a lot about myself in the Australian camp and I know there will be some life-size characters and life-size egos in South Africa too. But what a great experience it is going to be.”

Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell, the former butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, took part in the original format almost two decades ago during the show’s fourth series.

Paul Burrell (ITV/PA)

The 64-year-old came second after entertaining audiences with his animated facial expressions during the Bushtucker Bonanza trial, which saw him put his hand into a number of hidden holes filled with various creatures, from which he needed to retrieve stars to earn meals for camp.

Burrell said: “I loved doing it the first time around and to be asked again is very special.

“It’s like coming into the final of the jungle Olympics.

“I had to eat kangaroo testicles in Australia and I am expecting everything to be bigger in South Africa.”

Phil Tufnell

Former professional cricketer Phil Tufnell is the only former winner confirmed to be taking part in I’m A Celebrity… South Africa.

Phil Tufnell (ITV/PA)

The 56-year-old was crowned king of the jungle during the second series of I’m A Celebrity… in 2003.

Ahead of his return as part of the all-stars season, Tufnell said: “I am one of the lucky few to have gone in the jungle and experienced it all and that’s what appealed to me when they phoned up to ask me to take part again. I said yes immediately.”

Janice Dickinson

American model and TV personality Janice Dickinson proved herself as a feisty character during the seventh series of the show’s original format and ultimately came second in 2007.

Janice Dickinson (ITV/PA)

During her time in the Australian jungle, 68-year-old Dickinson spent much of her time bickering with PR guru Lynne Franks.

Dickinson said: “I’m coming back for more fun, more camaraderie and to see if I can get along with everyone.”

She added: “You never know what’s going to jump up and bite your ass.”

Shaun Ryder

The final celebrity confirmed for the series is Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder, who took his first shot at the jungle in 2010, ultimately coming second in the 10th series.

Shaun Ryder (ITV/PA)

The 60-year-old said: “All I can remember about the trials is eating a lot of penises, testicles and eyeballs.”

He added: “I could have stayed another year in Australia. I loved living outside in the camp and I had a proper laugh with my fellow celebrities.

“I know going to South Africa will be a great adventure. I can’t wait to do it.”

I’m A Celebrity… South Africa will air on ITV1 and ITVX later this year.