It will take time for the real impact to be assessed, but it could be the whole project really will deliver some major benefits - even if some jobs in Glasgow don’t have an obvious Games link attached to them.

One knock-on effect is the surge it has given everything in the wider area from building and electrical work to advanced IT, because the infrastructure of such an event automatically creates a virtual village of sub-contracted complementary skills.

Unlike, say, an old-style travelling circus, the event doesn’t just up sticks and disappear one night, and in fact leaves a permanent imprint on the communities that have made it happen.

Uncharted but real enough, logistics arrangements and combined effort projects will stem from companies and self-employed workers who would never previously known their respective skills could be a profitable match.

The kudos gained from completing or maintaining some particular aspect of the Games infrastructure or operation is a major plus for any firm or individual seeking similarly high-value work, and meanwhile Glasgow’s job market is poised on the brink of what could be a major new phase of regeneration - one that will require an established pool of talent, ideally involving people who already have a working track record with local or regional operators.

The major redevelopment of shopping malls and the launch of the Hydro venue in Glasgow are also good examples of “local” projects which can deliver value to all sorts of potential work projects within the travel-to-work transport nexus of the west of Scotland.

A reliable online jobs resource is the best place to find what’s really going on where these and similar positive moves are happening, and can deliver more value than any straightforward list of vacancies.

Getting a handle on a specific line of work, or a form of training linked to a specific opportunity, is surely the best way to stream talents and experience to the best possible route to forward progress.

It could ultimately mean a permanent job, but part-time and self-employment contracts can also prove valuable in what can be a fast-moving work arena, with success likely to go to the applicant who has the right skills mix to offer at exactly the right time.

A shoal of jobs may appear online for a specific firm virtually overnight, after weeks of inactivity, to coincide with the start of some new major contract or area of operations - and knowing in advance these are coming up, and what they are likely to involve, is a good way to set the scene for a could-be opportunity.

The sophistication of online job resources means that anyone who takes the trouble to use the amenity properly can analyse the streams of potential work coming up in and around Glasgow.

Given the advantages to be gained - whether it’s managing a gym, or getting the contract to wire a block of flats - the plethora of work opportunities available makes it well worth the effort.