SPARKLE by the sleighload and bling in every room lights up Laura Welsh’s home in Newton Mearns.

It is so dazzling, even judges on Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year were stunned when they visited for this year’s festive filming.

Anna Campbell-Jones, Banjo Beale and new judge Danny Campbell were almost lost for words, dubbing the stylish townhouse a “party palace” and describing its owners as “putting the decadent into decoration.”

Barrhead News: Putting the decadent into decoration, according to the judgesPutting the decadent into decoration, according to the judges (Image: Kirsty Anderson/IWC)

White Lion Townhouse, the home of Laura, husband Andrew and daughter Lexi, who is six, is one of five fabulous properties featuring in this year’s edition of Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year.

“I adore Christmas,” explains Laura, with a happy sigh. “I always have, and it’s been even more special since our daughter Lexi was born.

“Things have just grown arms and legs every year. You can probably see our house from the moon…”

Laura’s motto, she laughs, is “the blingier the better”.

Barrhead News: The spectacular Christmas tree in the Welshes' living roomThe spectacular Christmas tree in the Welshes' living room (Image: Kirsty Anderson/IWC)

“I know for lots of people, Christmas is a time for winding down, and relaxing on the couch but that is not for me,” she says, firmly. “This is a high-energy, high octane household.

“I absolutely love decorating our home throughout the year, and I feel like Christmas is a time to showcase what we’ve done.”

Barrhead News: Inside the beautiful bedroomInside the beautiful bedroom (Image: Kirsty Anderson/IWC)

Christmas is an almost all-year-round operation for Laura, who admits that to be ready for filming Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year, she has been in decorating overdrive for months.

“I am one of those crazy people on Instagram, who still follow Christmassy things in March, and I’m always looking for ideas,” she says.

Barrhead News: Awesome people are welcome at the Welshes'....Awesome people are welcome at the Welshes'.... (Image: Kirsty Anderson/IWC)

“I’m always looking for a different theme, different colours – no two years are ever the same.

“But I also like to re-use decorations, by creating my own displays and recycling materials. The glue gun is a constant at my side from about September.”

 Barrhead News: The wreaths are handmade by LauraThe wreaths are handmade by Laura (Image: Kirsty Anderson/IWC)

The wreaths viewers will see on the programme – including a sparkly silver concoction for Lexi’s stunning winter wonderland bedroom, and the elegant pale pink and pearl decoration situated in the dining room - have all been designed and made by Laura.

Barrhead News: Lexi's bedroom is a winter wonderlandLexi's bedroom is a winter wonderland (Image: Kirsty Anderson/IWC)

She has also created stylish dining table crackers (“we had some leftover wallpaper from decorating the room, which was perfect,” she explains) and a spectacular floral and neon mural which declares: “Awesome People Welcome!” in the home’s entrance hallway.

Barrhead News: Laura made elegant crackers for her festive dining tableLaura made elegant crackers for her festive dining table (Image: Kirsty Anderson/IWC)

“People actually stop when they are passing our house to get a closer look at that sign,” grins Laura. “I love that.”

The modern townhouse comes complete with its own bar, a comfortable and stylish space for guests to let their hair down over the festive season.

Barrhead News: The home bar is perfect for this party palace homeThe home bar is perfect for this party palace home (Image: Kirsty Anderson/IWC)

The family is “super excited” to be on Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year, says Laura.

“Although now it’s nearly on, the fear is hitting home a bit,” she groans. “But we can’t wait to watch it.”

Barrhead News: Inside the townhouseInside the townhouse (Image: Kirsty Anderson/IWC)

Laura and Andrew run a recruitment business, so work often takes them away from home.

“I love my job, and it’s fantastic to be in the office and to travel around Scotland, but I love coming home,” says Laura. “At Christmas time, it’s even more special.”

Barrhead News: Laura, husband Andrew and daughter LexiLaura, husband Andrew and daughter Lexi (Image: Kirsty Anderson/IWC)

She jokes: “We always do Christmas for the whole family, and I honestly think I’d be a bit offended if someone else jumped in first.

“Seriously though, I feel really grateful that we get the chance to have everyone here. I’m actually one of the world’s worst cooks, but hopefully people are so dazzled by the decorations, they don’t notice….”

Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year is on BBC One Scotland on Monday, December 18 at 8pm.