GMB Scotland members have been raising concerns over the public's health and safety after sharing shocking images and footage of Glasgow's 'waste crisis'. 

In an appalling video, one member shared the rat-infested conditions of one bin set on Bowman Street in Govanhill. It shows multiple rats weaving through heaps of debris and left-over food from broken bin bags on the floor of the bin set. 

GMB Scotland disclosed another shocking image to The Glasgow Times which was captured this morning.

It shows a board with around 10 to 12 dead rats lying amongst rubbish in the back courts of Westmuir Street in Parkhead. The cause of them gathered together on the board is unknown. 

Barrhead News:

Speaking of the Parkhead findings, GMB members commented: "We are shocked and appalled at what we had to face in the back courts of Parkhead. We're worried about the health and safety of us and the general public."

Rhea Wolfson, GMB Scotland Organiser added: "GMB Scotland have been exposing Glasgow's waste crisis consistently for five years and we are yet to see the level of investment that this crisis needs."

"All eyes will be on Glasgow City Council as the 2020/21 budget fast approaches. Anything short of a major investment in staffing levels in cleansing will be a blow to all those who live and work in Glasgow."

"Glasgow's rat problem is a direct consequence of under investment in and mismanagement of the City's cleansing department and the Council must be held accountable for their decisions."

A spokesman for the council said: “The bin court shown in this video is in an unacceptable condition.

“If rats are found in a bin court then the appropriate course of action for our cleansing staff is to inform a supervisor so that pest control can be contacted.

“In this case, the issues with rats in this bin court were highlighted by our local neighbourhood liaison manager, who alerted pest control.

“The bin court was cleared out earlier this week and pest control has laid down bait to deal with any further vermin.

“We will investigate to find out how this bin court ended up in such a state in the first place.”

“Our pest control team were notified on Wednesday afternoon of dead rats in a back court on Westmuir St and attended within two hours to dispose of the bodies.

“Bait and traps have been laid down by our pest control team in recent weeks and their intervention has clearly been effective.

“Unfortunately, the back court in question is in a poor condition with excess waste left on the ground, which can attract vermin.

“The upkeep of a bin court is ultimately the responsibility of the residents, owners and factors of the property.”