Fishing latest from John Milne

Published: 3 Jul 2013 10:00

THE wind fairly blew last weekend and as a result many anglers failed to cross the door.

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Some of our fisheries were quiet as a result but those that ventured out were rewarded with some of the best fishing of the season.

Wind seems to have a negative impact on a lot of anglers as they equate the strength of the wind directly with a smaller chance of catching scenario.

At this time of year I think the wind has a positive effect on the water quality and the sport that it can bring.

When the water heats up the fish can go off the feed a bit at this time of year but when big warm winds come and wave form the increased oxygen levels can turn the fish on big time.

Last weekend I was down teaching at Lawfield sometimes in a very strong and gusty wind. I watched a few cars come down to the car park over the day.

Those that knew tackled up and headed off to the water but those that were unsure because of the strength of the wind headed home.

The fish rose continuously in the waves, giving my clients some truly outstanding fishing.

By pulling flies quickly past the rising fish sport was frantic at times as the fish chased silver invictas, sedgehogs and foam beetles.

One young girl landed eight fish and would have had more if it had not been her first lesson. There are ways to cope with the wind which are easy to learn and repeat.

Sometimes a simple haul on the line is enough to increase the speed of the cast and give you the chance of getting your line out safely to where the fish are.

Pulling traditional patterns through the waves can provide heart stopping moments as the fish bow wave towards your flies.

I would much rather fish at any of our waters in a big wind than a flat calm any day of the week.

You will certainly see more fish rising in the calm but in the wind takes are confident and often savage.

This year has certainly been one of high winds but the anglers that recognise good conditions have red letter days on each of our fisheries.

Please remember to email me your photographs of you and your fish catches to

Fishery Tales:

Lawfield Trout Fishery, near Kilmacolm: The fishing was good last week with the fish on top for long periods. Traditional patterns such as cinnamon and gold and the silver Invicta worked well when a wave was on the water. During quieter conditions the fish came up for suspender buzzers, F flies, beetles and shuttlecocks. The top end of the fishery was stuffed with fish throughout the week. Bill and Courtney Moffat enjoyed fantastic sport during their "introduction to fly-fishing lesson" catching 16 trout under tuition from John Milne. With settled weather forecasted daytime and evening fishing should be superb. Contact Billy on 01505 874182.

New Howwood, near Paisley: The fishing has remained steady over the week at the fishery. The top left and top right have fished very well and the top flies have been hoppers, CDC`S, beetles, crunchers and suspender buzzers. Notable catches have been from David Maguiness 28, Jim Dunsmore 21, Robert Curlett Jnr 19, Archie Mills 15, Tony Gribben 15, Stuart Pate 13, Martin Daley 13, Peter Lee 11, Mr Barry 10, John Holding 10, Aliasder Bayer 10, Grant McAuley right, Grant Pollock right, Steven Nelson eight, Willie Russell five, Ian Kerr five, Paul Owens five, Ricky Murray five, Davy Barr four, Stuart McIlmoyle four and Andy Earlie four. Well done to all anglers who finished on four, three, two and one. The fish of the week goes to Mr Sommers from Dumbarton with a rainbow of six pounds. Contact the fishery on 01505 702688.

Snypes, near Neilston: Fishing well again through the week. Best flies have been suspender buzzers and hothead damsels. Notable catches were from Craig Palmer from Barrhead 13, Steven Long from Barrhead 16, John Stewart from Paisley nine, Greg Davidson from Paisley 17, Dougie Dey from Barrhead 11, Steve Mcqewan from Maryhill 14, Dave Walker from Newton Mearns 15 and John Sweeny from Neilston 18. Contact Chris on 0790671769.

Loch Fad, Isle of Bute: Loch Fad water quality is very good with no sign of algae. The fishing has been good for some visiting and local anglers. Looking at all recent catches with regards to the quality of trout has been encouraging. Most have had no signs of lice on so trout fishing is fine at the moment. With regards to pike, based on recent catches some fish have shown signs of lice. Please remember that when visiting all of the lochs on the beautiful Island of Bute it is not all about catching. This is a place for relaxing in beautiful settings after a short ferry trip. Remember to disinfect and dry all tackle thoroughly when visiting any loch. Contact Jimmy on 01700 504871

New Haylie, near Largs: Dougie Apps four fish for 15lb 14oz, Alistair Murphy returned a brown trout in excess of 10lbs, James LittleĀ  from Prestwick with 36 fish returned over two visits, Alex Rennie from Elderslie returned 34 fish over two visits, Alex Anderson from Irvine returned 17, Alistair Murphy from Ayr returned 18. Our two youngest anglers this week were catching as Niamph Brawley, aged six, from Irvine had one for two pounds and seven ounces, while Arron, also aged six, had three for seven pounds eight ounces. 708 fish caught and returned from 134 anglers for a 5.2 rod average this week. Best flies this week yellow owl CDC, olive CDC, mayfly, various beetles and elk hair caddis. Just under the water diawl bachs, buzzers and snatchers fished on a long leader have done well as have fluff cats. The caenis hatches in the evening have not been severe enough to ruin the fishing as dries are still being greedily hoovered up. Best flies this week yellow owl CDC, olive CDC, mayfly, various beetles and elk hair caddis. Just under the water diawl bachs, buzzers and snatchers fished on a long leader have done well as have fluff cats. The caenis hatches in the evening have not been severe enough to ruin the fishing as dries are still being greedily hoovered up.

Diary News: New Haylie will be closed on Saturday, June 29, until 5pm due to a club booking. Fishing will be available from 5pm and will be restocked for the start of the evening session. There was also sad news from the weekend as the fishery lost a dear member of the security staff on Wednesday, June 19, as Jules suffered a severe stroke. She was an important part of the staff at New Haylie and will be greatly missed. Contact George 01475 676005.

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