Barrhead boxer Gary Rae admits he was ‘heartbroken’ after he suffered his first professional defeat on Saturday night.

Rae was the favourite to clinch the Celtic Bantamweight crown against Scott Allan but the 31-year-old struggled to get going in the main event at Paisley’s Lagoon Centre.

All three judges scored the bout in favour of Allan who looked comfortable throughout with Rae unable to land anything of note on the Shotts fighter.

‘Razor’ Rae came into the fight on the back of a near-perfect training camp with numerous sparring partners but his usual long-range jabs and powerful combinations were off target from the get go with Allan proving to be too awkward.

This was Rae’s first fight for a belt and he confessed he believes he has let himself down.

“Saturday was a bitter pill to swallow to be honest,” he said. “I really didn’t see that one coming. I know that sounds like I’m overlooking the opponent but I have no excuses in regards to the way bout went. I had trained perfectly and everything went great but on the night I really don’t know what happened. I wasn’t myself in there and after about a minute of the first round I realised I couldn’t find my range and I couldn’t get my punches off. I knew then that it was going to be a long, awful night for me. I couldn’t land any of the punches I wanted to land and couldn’t find any combinations go.

“It was a nightmare from start to finish. I am absolutely heartbroken. It was the biggest night of my career and I just didn’t show up. I can’t sit and dwell on it too much, though. I’m struggling to come to terms with it but I’m sure I’ll bounce back soon enough.

“I would absolutely love a rematch. I don’t know if I need to earn it. I’ve spoke to my manager Iain Wilson at St Andrews and he’s said we all have bad nights at the office and just don’t let your head go down. He will be working away to get me more opportunities like this.”

Despite struggling to come to terms with his first pro loss, Rae was quick to praise his vocal support and hopes they will stick with him.

He added: “I had a great crowd there once again. I’d like to mention the whole Barrhead contingent who do so much for me. Without them I wouldn’t be able to get these chances.”