Barrhead boxer Gary Rae is eyeing a title shot in his next fight after winning his sixth professional contest against Craig Derbyshire.

Rae beat his opponent 58-56 over six rounds at St Andrew’s Sporting Club’s Burns Night at the Radisson Blu, his first fight since July last year.

The 29-year-old needed a big final round after losing the fourth and fifth to ensure the win, and he had just that.

Rocking his opponent twice, it was a strong end as the Barrhead fighter looks at a British Challenge belt contest for his next bout at the Paisley Lagoon Centre on March 3.

The details are still to be confirmed for Rae’s fight, with the night being televised live on FreeSports.

Rae said: “I’m on the March 3 bill and I’m looking at an eight round Challenge Belt.

“It would be great to start out and get a bit of exposure on a free to air channel.

“It’s a wee incentive to get something from the fight afterwards and to keep after.”

The unbeaten Barrhead fighter was relieved to get back into the ring after a long lay-off due to injury.

And Rae is confident he can make the step up to eight rounds for the belt in his next contest, but says he needs to work on a few things over the next month.

He added: “I’ve still got plenty of things to work on, and a few things to work on in defence, I was a bit ropey in spells.

“But it was good to finish strong after being out for so long, you wonder how the fitness is.

“My last fight was a four rounder, and I was always wary of how much energy I have left.

“Mark [Breslin, Rae’s trainer] said in another two rounds you would have got him.

“I felt I could have done another two rounds and no problem, and I put a lot of that down to Gayle [Brannigan] at Pro-Life in Paisley.”