BARRHEAD boxer Gary Rae has a British title shot in his sights after a successful first year as a professional.

The super bantamweight made his pro debut in November last year and has remained unbeaten since, racking up five wins.

The last of those came on the undercard of the Josh Taylor vs Ohara Davies bout at Braehead in July, on what was a huge night for Scottish boxing with Taylor stopping Davies in style.

Being part of that event has whetted Rae’s appetite for some more big nights in the next year, and after watching Josh Wale and Jamie Wilson’s close contest in the bantamweight division, the former Barrhead ABC man is convinced his chance for that belt isn’t too far away and he insists he’ll be ready when it comes at either bantam or super bantamweight.

Rae’s bid to climb the rankings will continue when he’s next in action at the Paisley Lagoon Centre on September 9.

He said: “I’ve asked for a British opponent next so I can get up the rankings.

“I definitely don’t think I’m too far away from a British title shot. I watched Jamie Wilson fighting Josh Wale for the British title the week before my fight, it was Jamie’s 12th fight and he was boxing for the British title and I felt he did enough to win.

“When I was looking at that fight, I’ve sparred with Jamie as well, I feel it can’t be too far away for myself at bantamweight or super bantamweight, wherever the chance comes I’ll be ready.”

Nearly 5,000 miles away from Rae’s modest surroundings for his next bout in Paisley, this weekend the world of combat sports will come to a halt for the highly anticipated contest between the finest boxer of his generation, Floyd Mayweather, and MMA superstar Conor McGregor in Las Vegas.

The fight has caused plenty of controversy, partly for the brashness displayed by both men during an extensive and hyped build up, but mainly for its creditability as a sporting contest.

With 49-0 veteran Mayweather, who has rarely been troubled by some of boxing’s very best in the last 20 years, taking on a man who has made history during his dominance of the UFC, but has never stepped into a boxing ring for a professional bout.

The exorbitant amount of money both will earn for the fight is beyond Rae’s wildest dreams. But he is in no doubt that only one result will be good for the sport he loves dearly, Mayweather has to be a convincing winner or boxing will end up as the loser.

He said: “To me it’s an event, it’s not really a boxing match. The money they are making is unimaginable for people like me. I do feel that if Mayweather doesn’t either stop McGregor, or win every round convincingly, it’s a loss for boxing.

“I think McGregor has got a lot of heart for doing it, and I do genuinely believe that he thinks he can win. He seems streets ahead in the visualisation aspect and the sport psychology.

“But if someone can come in having never boxed professionally and beat probably the best fighter of his generation that’s not going to be good for the sport.”