IT’S an exciting time for the Big Drive Home team as June 9 marks the show’s second anniversary.

And, in the run-up to this milestone, I’d like to offer a three-part story of the show’s birth and some of the things we’ve encountered along the way.

Allow me to start with an admission. It’s not actually the second anniversary of the show.

Before I was doing the four-nights-a-week Big Drive Home, I started doing a Tuesday drive-time show on Pulse 98.4 that we called The Tuesday Drive-Time Show on Pulse 98.4.

I was never any good at naming things!

But the story actually goes back even further. TTDTSoP (as we never called it) wasn’t my first show on Pulse.

When I first joined, I was on Friday afternoons. That was back at our old base, down at Barrhead High School.

I came to Pulse after a very bad experience at another station - one I won’t go into right here, right now it’s a longer story than I have time for in this article, but I’ll tell it at some point in the future.

After I did a couple of shows at Pulse and started getting the lay of the land, I learned that the building was coming down around me.

Quite literally.

Our old base was pulled down to make way for the new Barrhead High that is currently under construction.

Right under what is now a driveway to the new building is the ghost of our old building.

As for Pulse, we moved up to St Luke’s High and cracked on with the station’s relaunch.

With the new building came our new slot on Tuesdays.

We did this slot for a few months and it was a lovely little quiet training ground to break in some of the weirder things we do.

During a story in the news segment we do, I brought up a tale about someone selling land on the sun.

Based on that, I immediately went online and did what I believe was a first in UK radio.

Yes folks, Pulse is the first radio station to ever own an acre of land on the moon.

We have a signed deed, we have co-ordinates. The only thing we don’t have is a way to get to the moon.

But, when we do, we’re set for life!

It wasn’t long after this that I received a message from the programme scheduler, who said he had something he wanted to discuss with me.

To be continued…