Wednesday, October 8 THE power of social media was harnessed by Police Scotland to great effect when they sent out a message about a missing teenage girl from Paisley. Not so long ago, the police would be entirely reliant upon the traditional media to spread the word when someone was in danger. Although the broadcast and print media continue to fulfil that role, social media gives services such as the police the chance to connect directly with citizens through networks like Facebook and Twitter. The speed with which information passes through the wires is amazing and never more so when it results in a happy ending. Who would have thought that a simple click of the mouse could play such an important role in helping to ensure the wellbeing of someone in need.

Thursday, October 9 I took my usual seat at Barrhead’s Cafe 158 on Thursday afternoon where I enjoyed a coffee with a well known councillor Tommy Reilly who was keen to tell me about the great efforts being made at Barrhead Skills Centre to help young men from the area find employment. Tommy has been involved in the construction industry for four decades now but he’s showing no signs of hanging up the tools just yet. Indeed, he is bursting with ideas and our conversation has set in train a plan or two that will certainly find their way into the pages of this newspaper in the not too distant future. The chat was good and so too was the coffee and cake and the second coffee and cake and another slice of cake.

Friday, October 10 The vandals who tore up the pitch at McMaster Sports Centre succeeded in one thing at least: namely, drawing wide-spread condemnation from a community aghast at such moronic behaviour. It’s another fine example of people shooting themselves in the foot by attacking facilities that are there for the benefit of all, including the perpetrators themselves. The irony may well be lost on those responsible but their stupidity could yet come back to haunt them when the long arm of the law finally lands on their shoulders.

Saturday, October 11 Whenever Scotland take to the football field expectations are high even if they very often come crashing back down to earth with a thud. Thankfully that wasn’t the case this time round when we managed to secure a win over the mighty Georgia. It was a satisfying outcome for sure but the news that group rivals Poland had put the World Champions Germany to the sword tempered enthusiasm just a little. But let’s not forget we too ran the Germans close recently and it wasn’t that long ago we managed to beat the Poles on their own patch. Come to think of it, at this rate Scotland could even be in with a shout against Hamilton Accies.

Sunday, October 12 George Square was once again awash with Saltires and the Yes campaigners made their presence felt at a rally led by some chap who goes by the name of Tommy Sheridan. Word has it Tommy isn’t short of invitations to speak at pro-independence gatherings and a little bird tells us he’s due to appear in our neck of the woods quite soon. Barrhead has its fair share of yes voters who may well be tempted to head along to hear Tommy speak while others would be more likely to purchase tickets to a paint drying contest.

Monday, October 13 Usual Tuesday blur, smoke billowing from computer, coffee on a drip. Deadline looming.