Wednesday, September 24 SOCIAL media is often a place where animosity, bitterness and abuse thrive but that’s not always the case and I was charmed by a comment one lady made on a well-known internet forum that was a welcome reminder that we should celebrate the nice people in life.

It read: “When I was wee I remember seeing a wee older woman about all the time, usually in Seedhill and Paisley and my family and I know her as ‘the nicest woman in Paisley’ because she really is. She’s always smiling and saying hello to passers by, I remember falling and cutting my knee on the way to school one morning so she gave me a giant chocolate bar. She was recently brought up in conversation and I learned she lives in Howard Street. Does anyone know her? Just wondering if she’s known as ‘the wee friendly woman’ by other people too.” Judging by the comments that followed, the lady in question is indeed still thriving and as lovely as ever to boot.

Thursday, September 25 NO sooner had I taken my seat in Barrhead’s Cafe 158 for my weekly surgery than I found myself in the company of a local lady who was itching to express her concerns about ongoing anti-social issues in the town’s Main Street. We have featured numerous articles over the last few weeks highlighting calls from local people for more to be done to rid this part of the town of an unsavoury element who continually attract the attention of shoppers and coppers for all the wrong reasons. Although the lady in question didn’t wish to be named she wasn’t shy in making her feelings known. She told me she has lived in Barrhead for many years and in her opinion the issues on Main Street have never been worse. Solutions are not easy to come by and Barrhead is not the only town in the region that has to deal with these sort of problems. I promised we’d continue to highlight concerns and trust that every effort is being made to ensure the Main Street becomes the thriving and friendly place everyone wants it to be.

Friday, September 26 CONVERSATION in the pub turned to the number of people who have been energised by Scotland’s political renaissance. We’re told the SNP’s membership has trebled and pro union parties too are reporting an increase. One acquaintance said he was going at alone, setting up his own party with some right wing policies and some left. When asked to clarify his three top priorities, there was no hesitation: “Ban dogs, cyclists and dole cheats!” Hmm. Think there’s a slight chance he may lose his deposit.

Saturday, September 27 I’M not much-of-a-one for The X Factor - honest - but I’m happy to admit to watching to see what fate awaited Scotland’s very own Emily Middlemass. The East Renfrewshire youngster made a great impression on our team when she appeared recently on Your Radio which is based in the same building as The Gazette and Barrhead News offices. Anyone who tuned in would surely agree that Emily was a sensation, bursting with confidence to back up her obvious talent. Good on her. Here’s hoping her star continues to shine.

Sunday, September 28 THE Ryder Cup once again proved itself to be an enthralling contest, even though Europe looked destined for glory throughout an event many commentators where happy to declare as the best yet in the competition’s illustrious history. The funny thing is, Europe is made up of many nations while the USA is one country yet it was the unity and togetherness of the European team that set them apart from their American rivals. One wonders if a certain Nigel Farage was secretly celebrating what was a great victory for Europe on Scottish soil. Doubt it. More chance of Tom Watson buying Phil Mickelson a pint.

Monday, September 29 THE best thing about working on a bank holiday Monday is the roads are blissfully quiet. The journey to and from the office was smooth and uneventful. News crackled over the radio that three of the country’s leading supermarkets are planning to cut fuel prices, making it a good day for drivers all round. Also, as of October 1, there will no longer be a requirement to display tax discs on our windscreens. Amazing. What’s next, I wonder? A puncture most probably.

Tuesday, September 30 Awoke to the news the Scottish economy is continuing to recover with performance at pre-recession levels. The Bank of Scotland business monitor found turnover trends and expectations comparable with those of 2007. Has it been that long? Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun.