But for others, they were something more of a gut-wrenching puncture to a balloon of hope.

Yet despite the conflict in emotions over the outcome, there is no doubting that this year’s independence vote is one which will go down in history.

So that’s why I was saddened to hear of the hateful riots which ensued just hours after Scotland had shone with pride.

On Friday evening, shocked social media users went online to express their horror and ‘disgust’ over the violence which broke out in Glasgow’s George Square.

Quite rightly so. Some of the footage and photographs were absolutely disgraceful. I was horrified to see the thugs brawling in the street, intimidating young men and women who were merely there to express their views.

One video emerged of a grown man crowding a young woman before tearing a saltire flag from her hands.

Another showed scores of police officers attempting to separate the crowds at a stand-off between Yes and No voters.

I must ask, how did it come to this? While the campaign was ongoing, I had never witnessed such solidarity, even among those on opposing sides.

Yet a few hours later, after the announcement was made, carnage flared and once again Scotland was given ‘a right showing up.’ As many ‘embarrassed’ Glaswegians pointed out on Facebook, sports rivalries have no link to politics, so why was the trouble so closely linked to football?

The volatile scenes also seemed to show pro-Union demonstrators performing a Nazi-like salute, something so bizarre it seemed almost a joke.

What was previously a wonderful, exciting experience has turned out to be a damaging one. I just hope from now on we can box it all up and move on, before any more shame is caused.

It has been an emotional journey, I will say that. And I’m sure those feelings will still remain for quite some team.

I just hope people don’t let the somewhat non-harmonious outcome spoil the good side of things we enjoyed along the way.

Scotland has done a remarkable job. Let’s brush off the embarrassment, and continue to hold our heads up high.