It is obvious from listening to readers and members of the community that the Main Street is still seen as the beating social heart of the town.

However many people still feel intimidated and even scared of visiting and shopping in the street, and the news in recent weeks has shown why.

Whether it is foul language, violent outbursts or the tendency of large groups to gather outside shops, there is clearly an anti-social behaviour problem.

Police are tackling the problem head on with the news that they are prioritising the street, however uniformed officers can not be present 24 hours a day.

Plans to transform a former cafe into an amusement arcade were also approved this week, and should it be granted a license could open before the end of the year.

Parents and the community council have all objected to the proposals, however planning laws have tied councillors hands on the matter.

Which leads me to highlight some of the fantastic work and ongoing effort put into the street by East Renfrewshire Council in recent months.

The successful completion of a brand new supermarket, a new civic square, streetscaping, dozens of new parking bays and the rapidly progressing work on the former sports centre is transforming the face of the town.

The council can not be faulted for their vision and investment in the area, but understandably the people on the street still have their concerns over issues that no amount of building work can cure.