Worried residents are urging council chiefs to improve safety at an “accident blackspot.”

Members of Uplawmoor Community Council are calling for action to tackle the risk of accidents on the A736, where there have been 15 crashes in recent years.

They say the junction which provides an entrance to Uplawmoor from the A736 has an obstructed view onto the main road.

Ross Leggat, community council secretary, told the Barrhead News: “We’ve passed the concerns of residents on to the council several times, often after yet another driver has lost control on the bend.

“We’d encourage them to be proactive in making our roads safer, rather than waiting for people to be maimed or killed first.

“In terms of health and safety, it is as important to record near misses as it is to report crashes.

“Regular near misses and minor incidents indicate that something needs to be done to prevent a serious crash.”

A Freedom of Information request submitted by Mr Leggat shows there have been 23 casualties on the stretch of road between Lugton and Barrhead in the past four years.

While there are yet to be any fatalities on the route, local residents are keen to see safety improvements being made as a matter of urgency.

Mr Leggat added: “Speaking to the police, they suggested that some foliage or the bridge wall could be removed to improve sightlines, both for the junction into Uplawmoor and for the driveways and access roads just beyond the junction.

“The community council has proposed speed limits and the installation of signs which light up when traffic is approaching, both of which are already in use on other stretches of the A736.

“Both of these solutions have been rejected by East Renfrewshire Council as there is already ‘sign cluttering’ at this specific piece of road.”

A spokesman for East Renfrewshire Council said the safety of local residents is its “number one priority.”

He added: “We take road safety extremely seriously. Our roads are monitored regularly and we welcome feedback from residents.

“Whilst we have not been made aware of any recent concerns at this stretch of road, we would be happy to meet with Uplawmoor Community Council to discuss the matter."