residents across East Renfrewshire have delivered an emphatic verdict on their quality of life...with the vast majority singing its praises.

Findings from the 23rd annual East Renfrewshire Citizens’ Panel survey show that locals have rated the area as a good place to live.

A sense of security, as well as good opportunities for education, were highlighted as main reasons for choosing to stay here.

This year, the survey received its highest ever response rate, with 64 per cent of panel members giving their views.

And, of the 702 respondents, 92 per cent said they were satisfied or very satisfied with East Renfrewshire as a place to live.

Residents were generally positive about their quality of life, with almost two-thirds rating it at eight or more out of 10 and almost 60 per cent indicating they are managing ‘very well’ or ‘quite well’ financially.

The survey also gave people the chance to raise the main issues affecting them and their families, with healthcare topping the list, followed by education, roads and the cost of living.

Councillor Tony Buchanan, leader of East Renfrewshire Council, said: “I want to say a big thank-you to everyone who took the time to share their views via the Citizens’ Panel survey.

“We carry out this survey to engage with residents across the area and to hear what they think of East Renfrewshire and the services provided by the council.

“It’s fantastic to see that satisfaction about living in East Renfrewshire remains high but I know there are areas where residents want us to do more.

“I want to reassure residents that we are not complacent and always strive to improve the services which matter most to residents.

“It is also important to recognise and thank all of our employees who continuously work hard to deliver high-quality services to our residents and make East Renfrewshire one of the best places to live in Scotland.”

The East Renfrewshire Citizens’ Panel has provided a means for residents to give their views since 1998.

As well as seeking residents’ views on living in East Renfrewshire, it also asks respondents to rate council services and give their views on where these could be improved.

The latest set of results show that 77 per cent are satisfied with council services, with the best ratings being given for education, libraries, waste, theatre/arts and parks.

A total of 96 per cent of people rated the the area’s primary schools positively, with an 89 per cent rating for secondary schools.

The area’s arts offering was rated positively by 95 per cent of residents, with a 93 per cent rating for libraries, a 92 per cent rating for recycling and a 91 per cent rating for public parks and open spaces.

While education was rated positively, it was also highlighted by respondents as a top priority for the council and its partners, alongside roads.

Further areas highlighted as priorities were crime and anti-social behaviour, the environment and healthcare.

The Citizens Panel survey results, as well as details on how to become a panel member, are available on East Renfrewshire Council’s website.