DIAMOND duo David and Renee Allison enjoyed some sparkling celebrations as they marked 60 years of marriage.

The Barrhead couple were surrounded by family and friends for their Diamond Wedding bash at Caldwell Golf Club, in Uplawmoor.

Renee, 81, and David, 86, have warmed each other’s hearts over the years but it was at a rather chilly venue where they first met.

Working as a kiosk attendant at Paisley Ice Rink, Renee started speaking to Paisley Pirates supporter David in 1955 while serving him his customary pie and bovril.

After taking a shine to the ice hockey fanatic, she would often set aside spare snacks for him and his friends.

The couple were married in what was known as the old Arthurlie Church – or Whitewash Kirk – in Barrhead two years later.

Paisley-born David made the move to his wife’s hometown as the pair started their life together in Cogan Street before settling down in the first of four Levern Crescent addresses they have called home.

David’s job as a painter saw the couple emigrate to Melbourne, Australia in 1983 and they stayed there for two-and-a-half years.

A combination of “all mouth” Aussies, as David puts it, and a desire to return to familiar surroundings led them back to Levern Crescent.

Following a stay further along the road after buying their first property, Renee and David bought their current home in 2007.

When David wasn’t painting, he could be found at Glasgow Airport, where he towed aircraft for British Airways.

Renee started out as an “office girl” at Scottish Wool Bleachers before taking up similar posts at Shanks & Co, Glasgow Airport and Mackinley and Suttie, where she finally retired as a typist.

Speaking of her career path, Renee said: “My ambition, believe it or not, was to leave school at 15, work in an office and smoke.

“I achieved my ambition.”

Outside of work, David occupied the wing for Junior football club Auchinleck Talbot. He also enjoyed spending his spare time on the golf course.

Not as keen on sport, Renee preferred to spend her hard-earned money in the shops with her mum and sister.

The pair cite Clearwater, Florida – a resort they visited 17 years on the trot – as their favourite holiday destination.

Renee and David, who don’t have children of their own, welcomed nieces and nephews along to their celebration at Caldwell Golf Club.

Deputy Lieutenant Archie Hunter was also in attendance at the gathering to present the couple with a congratulatory message from the Queen.

Asked to explain the key to a happy marriage, Renee laughed: “He’s well looked after. His mother always said to me ‘You will rue the day you spoil him.’”

Pointing jokingly to a whisky glass, David has a different answer altogether.

“The water of life,” he laughed. “You just have to get on with each other and that’s it.”