DUE to the recent severe weather, bin collections in and around Glasgow have fallen behind schedule.

Councils are now scrambling to catch up, but it may be a while before the service is back to normal.

These are the latest notices from your local council on collections:

Glasgow City Council

Collections will be be back to normal by Monday, March 12.

If you receive a kerbside collection, present your bins only on your scheduled collection day this week.

Any bins missed last week can also be presented alongside the one due for collection, on that day only.

If bins are collected from a backcourt area, residents are expected to make sure it is accessible.

In the meantime, for residents who are able to reach recycling centres or civic amenity sites, the council can accept any excess waste there.

North Lanarkshire Council

Place all bins out as normal for collection and an uplift will be attempted- particularly on main roads.

If residents’ recycling bins are not uplifted (blue and green lidded bins) or have been missed over the last week, take them back in until your next recycling collection is due. The council will pick it up then and any other additional recycling material that you leave beside it.

All brown bin collections have been suspended until Monday, March 12 and will resume a normal service on this date.

All missed black, non-recycling bins should be placed with your recycling bin that is due to be next collected and the council will uplift the bin on the same day as the recycling bin.

South Lanarkshire Council

Take all bins back in until the next scheduled uplift day for that colour bin. Check collection days here.

The council will take extra bags when you put it out for its collection. Bags should be CLEAR plastic, so uplifters can see what is in them.

Renfrewshire Council

Refuse collections scheduled for Monday, March 5 have been cancelled.

Due to the number of bins which have been unable to be collected because of the severe weather, the council is unable to add them into the following day’s schedules - as would be normal procedure.

These bins will be collected at the next collection date for that colour of bin. The council will also take any excess waste left at the side of the bin as well.

Residents will be updated through the usual channels on a decision for Tuesday, March 6.

All Household Waste Recycling Centres are open, with supplies of salt available at Erskine, Linwood, Johnstone and Renfrew.

East Renfrewshire Council

For residents whose green bins were not collected, place your green and blue bin out together on your next scheduled collection day.

For residents whose brown bins were not collected this week, place these out from 7am on Monday, March 5. The council will aim to get these by end of shift on Tuesday, March 6.

Brown bins will not be collected next week other than those that were missed this week. Collections will return to normal as of Monday, March 12.

Blue bins should be placed out for collection on your normal scheduled day.

East Dunbartonshire Council

Waste collection services will resume on Monday, March 5.

Food waste collections are suspended this week and will resume again on Monday, March 12.

Put out the bin that is due for collection for this week only (accept food waste).

Any missed bins from last week should be taken in and will be collected on their next due date.

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Please note that waste collection will be subject to access and it may be that some locations cannot yet be accessed by waste vehicles.

Garden waste collections are being postponed for two weeks and will now begin on Monday, March 19.

Services - including transport - across the nation have been returning to near-normal operations at the start of the working week, although the impact of last week’s extreme snowfall is continuing to hit some schools.

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Met Office yellow “be aware” warnings for snow and ice are in place for parts of Scotland until Tuesday afternoon.

Glasgow and its surrounding areas are on alert for heavy snow and rain showers just after midnight on Tuesday until 9pm.

People have been urged to remain vigilant while the weather alerts persist, with police advising motorists to drive with caution in all areas.