A RECOVERY mission was launched by police to fetch a dead cow from the River Clyde.

Emergency services, including police and a fire team, were called at around 10.15am yesterday to reports of a dead animal in the water.
The cow was spotted by passers-by floating in the water near the Squinty Bridge.

A lifeboat was quickly summoned in an attempt to remove the animal, however, the complicated procedure took several hours to complete, with police still on site as late as 4pm yesterday. 

A cable attached to the lifeboat was tied to the animal’s feet and used to pull it ashore where it was secured on a slipway.

Police restricted the public’s access to the site until the cow can be removed from the scene.

It is hoped a crane could be used to lift the animal from the slipway, however, it is not known where it would be taken.

A police spokesman said: “At around 10.15am police were called to report a dead cow in the River Clyde near the squinty bridge.

“Emergency services assisted in trying to remove it from the water.”

There has yet to be any confirmation of the circumstances surrounding the discovery.