SIX weeks on from the fatal fire at Cameron House, investigators are still unable to get inside the five-star hotel.

Guests Simon Midgley, 32, and Richard Dyson, 38, from London, died in the fire which happened just before Christmas.

Three other people – a family of two adults and a child – were rescued by ladder from the fire and taken to hospital in Glasgow.

Nine luxury bedrooms have been destroyed in the hotel on the banks of Loch Lomond.

An additional six bedrooms were badly damaged and will need to be extensively rebuilt.

Sections of the famous building, including some chimneys, have had to be torn down.

And there is no clear estimate for the overall repair bill or if and when the hotel will reopen.

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Hundreds of jobs are also set to be lost at the resort as a result of the blaze, which happened on December 18.

A source close to the hotel told the Sunday Mail: “The damage is extensive and the fire took a severe toll.

“There is no timescale on when the hotel will be able to re-open or how much it will cost.

“But no one is forgetting what happened to those two young men who sadly died. It’s just a terrible tragedy all round.”

Hero fire crews battled the flames for over 24 hours and around 200 guests had to be evacuated.

There is no indication whether the resort will be closed for good or if the Amercian owners plan to refurbish.