Fans of Buckfast were left reeling this week amid claims the alcohol content in the popular tonic wine was set to be slashed by over half.

A seemingly genuine social media post from makers J Chandler & Co broke the news on Tuesday about changes to the alcohol amount, which is currently at 15%.

The “important announcement” said: “In accordance with strict new Government regulations concerning alcohol law, we will be reducing the alcohol volume in our Buckfast range of tonic wine to 7%. We hope our loyal customers will continue to purchase our product and thank you for your support.”

Barrhead News:

The claim was made on the back of the news last November that Scotland is set to become among the first countries in the world to introduce minimum unit pricing for alcohol.

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Buckie fans took to social media sites to lament.

One wrote: “First irn-bru now buckfast. Wit a f****** farce. Blame aw they b******* that voted no.”

Another said: “I didn’t think I would ever be upset about Buckfast, but here I am in Canada saying they are ruining our nation one drink at a time. I’m going to arrive back in a different country.”

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“First there’s a reduction in sugar in Irn-Bru and now they’re reducing the alcohol percentage in Buckfast ?? The government’s going the right way about promoting civil unrest in Scotland by the way,” was another post to have emerged.

Alas, the post turned out to be fake, set up to dupe boozers.

Stewart Wilson, sales manager at J.Chandler, later assured drinkers: “Following a false statement which was issued on social media, we can confirm that we are NOT changing our recipe or our alcohol content.”

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