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Booze ban comes at worst time for club

Published: 19 Apr 2012 12:30

THE booze ban at Arthurlie FC social club will hit its parent football club hard in the pocket, members claim.

RED CARDED: Arthurlie was stripped of its licence, pictured are committee members Davie Armstrong, Duncan McLellan, John Armstrong, Colin Young and David Blakey

Last week the News reported that the Ralston Road club was stripped of its drinks licence for the month of April after a string of violent incidents was reported to Licensing bosses.

Drunkenness and disorder outside the premises led to the board removing the club's alcohol permit as a punishment which will badly affect the Barrhead football team.

The decision also saw the club lose its late opening hours as well as its ability to hold functions for under 25s.

The club is staying shut until its licence returns on May 1, meaning no income is being earned.

However, as the social club is one of the football club's main sponsors, the lack of cash will be a problem for the team as they fight off regulation worries.

Arthurlie FC President David Blakey, who sits on the committee of both sections of the club, agreed that the social club's woes could have a knock on effect.

He said: "It's going to affect us badly because of the lack of income from the social club.

"It could not have really happened at a worse time for us either as it has meant a lot of functions such as christenings during April which we had booked and would have meant some money coming in have had to be scrapped. I don't want to go into figures but it's a big worry and if there is no social club then there will be a real black hole but hopefully it's not going to come to that."

Last week the News revealed the Social Club's plans to rid itself of the violent image which saw it hauled up in front of the licensing board.

Billy Anderson, who is presidents of the Social Club is introducing a new code of conduct, a strict members only doors policy and making all members re-apply for access to the club.

He said: "Arthurlie FC has been on the go since 1874 and the social club is needed to help it survive. As of May 1 it will be a zero tolerance approach and that's the way it is."

The football club have also confirmed that they intend to take a closer interest in the social club's future.

David added: "We're definitely going to take more of role at the club.

"I already sit on both committees as do a couple of others but you can't force people to give up their time.

"The football committee needs to be more pro-active and take on a more active role with the social club.

"That sounds like we're going to go storming in and take over but that's not the intention. We all need to work together for the good of the club."

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