Death crash driver used bat on ex's parents

Published: 13 Apr 2012 12:30

A DEATH crash driver who caused a Barrhead youngster to lose his life battered his ex-girlfriend's parents with a baseball bat over a "petty" argument.

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A DEATH crash driver who caused a Barrhead youngster to lose his life battered his ex-girlfriend's parents with a baseball bat over a "petty" argument.

Thug Jamie Ross did three years after causing death of his pal Christopher Gribben, 18, in 2007.

He launched his attack on the married couple after they turned up at his doorstep to pick up their daughter's hairdryer and drop off his keys.

Ross, 25, flew at the dad and smashed the bat against his head, leaving him scarred for life, Paisley Sheriff Court heard on Wednesday. He also punched his ex-girlfriend's mum in the face, kicked her in the stomach and smacked the bat against her hand.

Henna Chaudry, fiscal depute, told the court that Ross had been in a relationship which ended on Christmas Day in 2010.

His ex-lover's mum and dad decided to go to his house to pick up their daughter's hairdryer and give Ross a set of keys back.

But it became nasty when Ross opened his door, on Byres Road, with a baseball bat at around 9.30pm. The dad asked: "Alright, are you Jamie?" and Ross replied: "Aye, gae me ma f****** keys."

The dad replied: "Well, gae me [my daughter's] stuff and you can get your keys."

The accused threw a bag full of her stuff outside, lifted the bat and snarled: "Ah'll gae you this." He then smashed it against the man's head and his wife became hysterical as blood poured down his face.

During the struggle, the brute also kicked the woman on the stomach, causing her to fall.

Police arrested Ross and the injured man was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, where he needed nine stitches to a four-inch scalp wound. His wife suffered bruising to her face and arms. Ross admitted assaulting the woman, punching her on the face, striking her on the hand with a bat and kicking her on the body to her injury.

He also pled guilty to assaulting the man, striking him on the head with a bat to his injury and permanent disfigurement.

Bob Kerr, defending, said "Mr Ross says [the man] put his hand on his chest and that he was defending himself."

Ross (right), of Elderslie, had not long finished a three-year jail term for causing the death of Barrhead lad Christopher Gribben, 18, after speeding and crashing a car in Paisley in 2007. His friend died in the car and Mr Kerr said he had been "traumatised" by what had happened.

Sheriff Douglas deferred sentencing until May 2 for reports.

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