Powerdown inspires band's new eco song

Published: 7 Oct 2009 15:220 comments

An ECO song written by a Neilston band is set to feature some of the area's youngsters.

The Skunnered recently recorded 'Going Green in Neilston' especially for a celebration of Neilston Powerdown which will be held later this year.

And P6 pupils from the St Thomas and Neilston primary schools will lay down their vocals for the chorus of the song later this month.

Chas Cunningham, who helps organise the annual Neilston Live! festival, co-wrote the song with his band mates and he has told the News of how the song came about.

He said: "Laura Carswell, of the Neilston Development Trust (NDT), contacted me to see what we could do for Neilston Powerdown which could also involve kids in the area.

"She then asked me if we could come up with a song that is suitable for school kids and is about going green in Neilston.

"The song concentrates on things like switching off lights when they aren't being used, recycling rubbish and digging your own garden to grow fruit and vegetables.

"It is the first time we have written a children's song but we have deliberately written the song this way, it is not a typical kind of song for us.

"When we go to the schools the plan is to record the P6s singing the chorus and we hope to have them playing home made recycled instruments such as milk bottle tops and empty baked bean tins.

"We hope it inspires the kids and we are very happy to have written it.

"It is very different from our other songs and we hope the kids enjoy participating on it."

The song was recorded at Barrhead's Standing Stone Studio and Chas said the song is not a profit making venture.

Laura Carswell, vice chair of the NDT, reckons the song is a great way to get youngsters thinking about green issues.

She told the News: "Neilston Development Trust are delighted to have commisioned the Skunnered to write and produce the Neilston Powerdown song.

"The band's songwriting and musical skills and sense of fun have been a great addition to the project and helped us come up with a great way of involving the village's school children and motivating them to Powerdown."

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