fed-up residents in a Neilston street are being left facing hefty repair bills as teeny terrors stage a wrecking spree.

A number of vehicles in Kingston Road have been damaged by the mindless vandals, who are thought to be as young as 12.

One dad told the Barrhead News he has installed CCTV cameras in a bid to catch the culprits after suffering hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

“This has been happening since the end of last summer,” said the resident, who asked not to be named.

“We can see when they are going past, so we know they are getting off the train, going to Neilston Pad and drinking and then walking back down the street to get the last train home.

“I can’t afford to keep fixing the damage as it has cost us hundreds of pounds already.

“I was outside when they went past the last time, so they are leaving me alone but they have no respect for other people’s property.”

Another resident added: “The vandals are coming down here after sitting up at the Pad, completely steaming.

“They just do whatever they want – running over cars, scratching windows, kicking wing mirrors – and then they run away.

“The cops do what they can but, by the time they arrive, the group has dispersed.”

Police have confirmed they are investigating vandalism in the Kingston Road area.

A spokesman said: “If you have any information in relation to the people responsible for these acts of vandalism, please get in contact with Police Scotland via 101 or through Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555 111.

“We would always encourage members of the public to report anything suspicious. If anyone witnesses vandalism or any ongoing disorder, please do alert the police.”