TRAIN users are familiar with delays caused by of leaves, snow and animals on the line.

However this morning commuters were surprised to learn that their service was delayed because of a trampoline on the track.

The equipment was blown onto the Neilston line as high winds caused by Storm Caroline hit the country.

It was on the track near Patterton, just south of Glasgow, at around 7am.

Customers were hit by delays and cancellations for a few of hours over the rush-hour, which Scotrail apologised for.

It brings back memories of a previous incident involving a trampoline caused by Cyclone Friedhelm – also known as Hurricane Bawbag

Back in 2011, a teenager recorded a trampoline rolling past his window during the winds.

People who live near the railway can help avoid future incidents by making sure garden furniture, equipment and trampolines are secure.