Cattle roaming at a popular Neilston beauty spot are continuing to intimidate walkers, a former policewoman has said.

Linda King insists that, despite raising concerns over the cows, the situation has not been resolved.

She contacted East Renfrewshire MP Paul Masterton after hearing that a young girl had been pinned up against a wall by a cow.

That led to the MP writing to East Renfrewshire Council on Linda’s behalf – and she is not impressed by the local authority’s response.

Linda, of Kingston Avenue, said: “The cattle are getting out of their field because gates are being left open and they have been spotted behind the Bovis estate.

“They should be properly fenced in, away from the public path.”

As previously reported by the Barrhead News, Linda claims that, apart from being intimidating, the cattle are also churning up the ground.

She said broken glass is also littering the area.

However, the council say cattle have always grazed in the field and putting livestock there is not an attempt to obstruct access rights.

Mark Brand, of the council’s environment department, said: “I can confirm that the land is privately owned and incorporates a network of promoted walking routes.

“As I understand it, Neilston Pad and the surrounding land is owned by Elderslie Estates but managed by the tenants of adjoining farms.

“Years ago, Elderslie Estate received a grant from Forestry Commission Scotland to plant a substantial woodland and provide for public access through the wood by means of paths, kissing gates, signage and a public car park.

“The project established a circular walk around the Pad, while the majority of the path network is contained within the woodland. A small portion of path loops through an open field which is frequently grazed by cattle.”

No-one at Elderslie Estates was available for comment.