DOG walkers who leave their pets’ waste strewn across Neilston Cemetery have been branded “a disgrace”.

Neilston War Memorial Association (NWMA) is calling on residents who take dogs to the area to clean up their act after a series of complaints from sickened mourners.

Numerous reports have appeared on social media from those who went to pay their respects to loved ones but ended up leaving the site in disgust.

Biodegradable waste bags have even been found hanging from branches above graves in recent weeks.

NWMA secretary Matt Drennan is urging those who walk their dogs through the cemetery to show greater respect to those who gave their lives for their country.

Referring to the dangling bags of dog dirt, he told the Barrhead News: “I’ve seen it myself and I’ve seen a lot of comments on Facebook about it.

“Dog walkers are doing the right thing by bagging the waste but then they’re leaving the bags up in the trees. It’s a disgrace.

“It totally defeats the purpose if you’re putting the waste in a bag and then leaving it there.

“You’d be as well not bagging it and just leaving it for the worms if you’re going to do that.

“People need to show a bit of respect for the local soldiers who are buried there – soldiers who fought for our country.”

The levels of dog fouling at Neilston Cemetery have become so bad in recent weeks that several residents have contacted East Renfrewshire Council to raise their concerns.

As a result, new signs have been installed to make it clear that dog fouling is not allowed.

Community wardens have also been increasing the number of patrols at the cemetery in a bid to catch the culprits.

Neilston councillor Paul O’Kane said: “Dog fouling is a perennial problem which frustrates all of us.

“Unfortunately, some dog owners are very anti-social and do not pick up after their pet. Can there be anything more anti-social than allowing a dog to foul in a cemetery and not pick it up?

“As someone who has loved ones buried here, I know how disrespectful it feels when owners allow their dogs to foul and do not pick it up.

“Neilston Cemetery is peaceful and well kept. It must remain so and I will continue to work to ensure we tackle anti-social behaviour like this.”