A BARRHEAD guitarist and a Neilston bassist were big on the folk scene around local venues in 2007.

The Skunnered, who had been gigging for six years, started life as a duo with Chas Cunningham on bass and Nick Ahrens on guitar.

Their line-up was completed in 2005 when mandolin player Andrew McMillan joined.

Chas gave up a 31-year career in nursing to become a full-time musician.

In addition to playing with the group, described as contemporary folk, he could often be found performing at community facilities around the Barrhead area.

Chas said: “I took the plunge nine months ago when I decided to give up my day job to pursue a career in music and I’m really enjoying myself.

“Not only does the group gig but we have also recorded demos and released three CDs.

“We play live sets once a fortnight, but we hope to increase that.”

As well as writing and recording their own songs, the band covered a variety of tunes – anything from John Denver to David Gray could be heard at a typical set.