BARRHEAD businessman Chris Waters has more reason than most to love Valentine’s Day.

While hopeless romantics ponder how best to impress their very own Mister or Miss Right, Chris can enjoy the sound of his till jingling.

As the owner of Giftscene, in the town’s Main Street, February 14 brings a welcome boost in trade.

However, Chris told the Barrhead News that, as the years have gone by, he has noticed a hint of cynicism towards what has traditionally been the most loved-up day on the calendar.

“I think people are more apathetic towards Valentine’s Day now,” said Chris. “They are more cynical of the event as a whole.

“While it is still a good time for business, it’s not the biggest of holidays, either because some people aren’t interested or because the commercial side is being pushed on them.”

Chris, 47, has worked in the gift card business for more than 20 years and is following in his father’s footsteps.

He said: “Before Giftscene opened in 2010, I had worked in the gift card industry with my brother for 15 years.

“You could say it is in my blood as my dad used to work in the card business too.”

According to research by Royal Mail, more than 22 million adults across the UK will have sent a Valentine’s Day card this year.

While most people tend to post a card to a significant other, an estimated 2.6 million will have put the ‘i’ into Valentine’s by posting themselves a card in order to appear more popular.

The research also shows that mums and dads can be extra protective of their offspring’s feelings at this time of year, with just under a fifth of parents admitting they would be posting a Valentine’s Day card to their children.

In terms of sales, the likes of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are bigger money-spinners for Giftscene.

Chris has said that, in his experience, many lovebirds leave it late before they get round to buying a Valentine’s card or gift for their other half.

And he also revealed there has been a shift away from the traditional style of cards.

He said: “You might think there would be a big rush in the run-up to Valentine’s but, in reality, it only starts the day before.

“It is definitely a welcome boost but we are seeing a shift away from the soppy side of Valentine’s, with people taking it a bit less seriously.”