HOMEOWNERS have been urged to guard against bogus traders posing as gutter cleaners.

The warning was issued by police in East Renfrewshire, who say the beginning of the year is a prime time for con artists to fleece residents out of cash for services they don’t need.

Reports of such bogus callers chancing their luck in the Graham Street area of Barrhead have emerged on social media in recent weeks.

Sergeant Michael Morgenthaler, who is based at Giffnock Police Station, has asked residents to be extra vigilant.

He told the Barrhead News: “Bogus callers plague us at all times of year, although quite often the reason for them being there changes.

“The general story at this time of year is they’re cleaning out gutters.

“That’s a common story and we would encourage people firstly, if they are needing work done, to contact a reputable tradesperson.

“You can also go on to the East Renfrewshire Council website for a full list of trusted traders.

“Secondly, if you are in any doubt over whether or not someone is a cold caller, tell them you don’t want to speak to them and then contact the police on 101.”