A DANGEROUS driver nearly caused a woman to crash with her children in the car while he was at the wheel of a quad bike.

Ben McCulloch and a pal took to the streets of Barrhead on the bike on September 3 last year, Glasgow Sheriff Court was told.

Police received an anonymous phone call in relation to people racing along the town’s Main Street, causing excessive noise.

Calls were received at 4pm, 5pm, 5.40pm and 8pm – all relating to McCulloch’s behaviour.

One witness called the police due to the excessive noise and continual breaking of the bikes.

It was noted that the drivers were travelling so fast that they had to slam on the brakes and eventually lost control.

The bikes were travelling so fast along Aurs Road, Kelburn Street and Peat Road, in Pollok, that other drivers were having to break frequently, causing them to lose control of their vehicle.

At around 8pm, one witness and her children were travelling along a Barrhead road while McCulloch was on the quad bike.

Both vehicles were travelling in the direction of a roundabout but, due to the excessive noise and speed of the bike, the woman was left startled.

McCulloch, of Bourock Square, Barrhead, proceeded to drive extremely close to her car before undertaking so that she too had to conduct an emergency stop.

Police officers caught up with McCulloch and placed him under caution.

In court, McCulloch pleaded guilty to driving the quad bike dangerously and in an erratic manner, applying the brakes whilst the vehicle was in motion, causing other vehicles to lose traction on the road, overtaking other cars on the inside and driving at excessive speed for the type of road they were on.

Sheriff Gerard Bonner told the accused that he “needed a lesson on how to behave on the road,” noting that he has other motoring convictions.

McCulloch was ordered to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work within nine months.

He will also be under the supervision of the social work department for 12 months.