BARRHEAD schoolchildren were transported back to the early 20th century to see what life was like on the home front in war-time Britain.

Pupils in Hillview Primary’s P7 class were given an insight into what soldiers went through during some of the deadliest periods in human history.

The past was brought to life by Dean Bowen, of Homefront Histories, who specialises in delivering interactive presentations involving artefacts and activities which lay bare the atrocities and reality of war.

As part of the day, youngsters were able to get their hands on everything from guns to gas masks as they learned about methods of combat.

Examples of the rations of food British families were forced to survive on opened the children’s eyes to just how tough life was during those times.

Hillview Primary P7 teacher Kirstie Graham told the Barrhead News her pupils would benefit greatly from the experience as they carry on with their studies.

She said: “Dean Bowen from Homefront Histories came in and visited our class. He organised a full day of activities, allowing the children to view, hold and wear original artefacts from World War II.

“In between activities he sounded the air raid siren and the children had to run for cover in the classroom which was the designated shelter.

“The children were able to wear military hats and jackets and hold deactivated guns from World War I and II.

“In the afternoon the children practised putting out an incendiary bomb by pumping water from a bucket to a hose, re-enacting what it was like to use the household pump and hose system.

“They then were allowed to sound the small village siren which was extremely loud and still very effective.”