A HEART-broken owner is urging Barrhead residents to help find her beloved cat who has been missing for five days.

One-and-a-half-year-old Winston was last seen on Saturday, March 9 in the town’s Barnes Street.

The white and dark grey moggy is microchipped, neutered and does not wear a collar.

His owner, Nicole Flynn, believes that due to the bad weather, he may have ventured into neighbouring sheds, garages or hiding under decking.

She told the Barrhead News: “He has a distinctive grey patch on his chest.

“He in an adventurous outdoor cat but always returns home after a few hours, it is extremely out of character for him to not to have returned home.

“He is very friendly but is likely to be timid around strangers especially after being away from home for this length of time.

“There has been a possible sighting of him at Victoria Road on Tuesday night. Our family are completely heartbroken.

“With the bad weather he may have managed to make his way into sheds, garages, closes, under decking etc. Or possibly someone may have taken him in for shelter if people could kindly check their homes and gardens.”

Nicole can be contacted on 07956630529 or 01415834511 or alternatively if anyone finds him they can take him to the local vets/call the cat protection agency on 03453712722 and they will be able to scan his microchip and get in contact with her.