EAST Renfrewshire MP Paul Masterton has resigned from his role as a Ministerial aide after defying the UK Government in a vote to take a 'no-deal' Brexit off the table.

The Barrhead News can reveal Mr Masterton decided he could no longer continue as a Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) in the Home Office following his decision to join last night's mutiny against Prime Minister Theresa May.

He was one of 17 Conservative MPs who broke with their party to vote against leaving the European Union with a deal.

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Mr Masterton told the Barrhead News: “Last night, I took the difficult decision to vote against the Government and resign my role as a PPS in the Home Office.

"I have been clear that, whilst I believe we must honour the result of the EU Referendum, I cannot support the UK leaving without a deal. Last night, I honoured that position."

The long-running Brexit saga took a fresh twist last night as MPs voted by 321 to 308 to avoid the UK leaving the EU without a deal, under any circumstances.

The UK is scheduled to leave the EU on March 29.

However, MPs will gather in the House of Commons later today to vote on a Government motion which could see the departure being delayed.

The Government has said there could be a short delay to Brexit, or a much longer one, depending on whether MPs backed the Prime Minister's existing withdrawal deal by March 20 – the day before the next EU summit.

If MPs approve Mrs May's deal before that summit in Brussels, then the extension would be until June 30.

However, the Prime Minister has warned that if the deal, which has twice been rejected by overwhelming majorities, is not approved, a longer extension will be needed, requiring the UK to take part in elections for the European Parliament in May.

Mr Masterton told the Barrhead News it had been his intention last night to support the Government motion which objected to leaving without a deal on March 29 whilst noting that, to avoid this, a deal had to be agreed.

He added: "Unfortunately, a broader amendment passed which replaced the motion completely, so that opportunity was not available.

"If the amended motion had been defeated, there would have been nothing to stop the UK leaving without a deal. Given this was the only opportunity to register my stated opposition to a no-deal Brexit, I could not in good conscience vote against the amended motion.

"I have always believed the best way forward to honour the result of the UK-wide referendum and the manifesto on which I was elected by the people of East Renfrewshire in 2017 is to leave the EU with a negotiated deal that minimises economic impact and sets us up for a very close future economic, trading and security relationship.

"This is also the surest way to avoid No Deal, which is why I have supported the Withdrawal Agreement twice.

"I remain committed to supporting the Prime Minister in delivering a negotiated settlement with the EU to allow us to implement the result of the referendum in an orderly manner.”