BUS bosses have been accused of ‘age discrimination’ after it emerged returning student ticket prices will not apply to anyone over the age of 22.

McGill’s recently announced plans to bring back student day tickets from next week after sustained pressure from the public.

This would mean students would be able to access tickets for as little as £3.80 across East Renfrewshire.

However, the prices will only apply to 16 to 22-year-old students, meaning anyone over that age will be unfairly hit in the pocket when buying a day ticket.

The new policy does not affect existing student one-week, four-week and 10-week tickets.
Students at the Paisley campus of the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) say they will consider campaigning against the bus firm if the tickets are not opened up to students over 22. 

Emma Shotter, president of the students’ association, said: “It is extremely disappointing McGill’s has taken the step. Cost of travel can be a massive barrier for students getting to university and for mature students to have to pay more is discriminatory.” 

Managing director Ralph Roberts said: “We’re delighted to announce we are re-introducing a modified student all-day ticket from Monday.

“We have amended our student policy so our new student all-day tickets can only be accessed by those attending college or university full time, aged 16 and 22.”