MP Paul Masterton has confirmed he is backing Theresa May's Brexit deal "for the 90,000 people in East Renfrewshire".

Next week, MPs will vote on the deal reached between the UK Government and the European Union, ahead of the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

The deal is highly contentious and speculation is high that it will not receive the backing of a majority of members, but East Renfrewshire MP Paul Masterton has confirmed that he will give it his vote.

Speaking in Parliament last night, he said: "I believe that the deal the Prime Minister has reached is the best deal that could have been achieved, and I do not believe this achievement should be understated.

"It is a risk to vote it down in the hope that something better materialises. My inbox has been full of constituents asking me to roll the dice to get what outcome they want.

"But there is a fundamental difference between how an MP should approach this from the individual getting in touch. It isn’t about rolling the dice for you, or for me. It isn’t about whether you or I can afford for the gamble not to come off and end up somewhere worse.

"An MP has to make that call for every person they represent, where there are wildly different views and personal circumstances. And many people across East Renfrewshire simply can not afford for me to take a gamble with their lives that doesn’t pay off."

He later added: "A vote against the deal is not a vote to stop a Brexit. If it was, dozens of my colleagues wouldn't be rushing to defeat it.

"My priority and responsibility to the 90,000 people who live in East Renfrewshire is avoiding a chaotic no deal Brexit which would put jobs and futures at risk. That's why I will back the deal."