Citizens Advice staff are to provide a new service to European citizens in East Renfrewshire affected by changes in the immigration rules as a result of Brexit.

The Scottish Government will provide funding over three years to increase the support on offer, with a view to the full service being live at the beginning of March.

Citizens Advice teams will advise on rights, entitlements and requirements affected by immigration status.

A solicitor-led helpline will also be established for difficult and complex cases.

In March, the UK Government will introduce a settlement scheme where EU citizens and their family members will be required to apply to secure their rights through an online system.

Derek Mitchell, CEO of Citizens Advice Scotland, said: “Brexit has left many people feeling uncertain about their rights and all the signs are that these uncertainties could continue for some time.

“It is essential that people have a trusted source of advice and support which is completely confidential, free and independent of government. The Scottish CAB network is proud to fit that description and stands ready to help EU citizens with all the advice they need.”

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