A Barrhead family has been urging the public to keep their eyes peeled after their two children's bikes were stolen.

Carolyne Feeley was gutted when she discovered that both her son and daughter's new bikes had been pinched from their close on Stormyland Way on January 5.

Now the family and other residents are asking people to keep an eye out for the pair of bicycles in a bid to try and get them back to the kids, who are devastated.

Carolyne posted images of the two bikes on Facebook. One is purple and pink and the other is green and black. 

The theft has sparked fury among other Barrhead residents who were outraged by the incident and desperate to help.

Ashley Mcgaughey said: "That's a sin a always see him on his wee bike having a ball."

Carly Keating added: "This place just gets worse! Hope you find them."