A BARRHEAD band has released its first music video in time for Christmas, with a message to spare a thought for those less fortunate at this time of year.

Kardo filmed the video for their new song ‘Another Christmas Day’ on the streets of Glasgow, highlighting the different experiences between those shopping and partying, and those sleeping rough.

The lyrics of the song - and the images in the video - encourage people to spare a thought for those who have nothing at Christmas and consider themselves lucky.

The band is made up of Sam Carlton, James Wiseman and Olly Carswell, who write, perform and record all of their own songs.

But Sam, of Aursbridge Drive, credited his dad Scott, of local band Scooby Snax, with laying the foundation for their new single.

He said: “It was a melody my dad came up with on the piano and liked to play.

“It was always in my head and then last year, James and I started talking about writing a Christmas song.

“I wrote the first verse to my dad’s melody, showed it to James, and the two of us wrote the rest of it.”

Sam said they didn’t set out to write a Christmas song with a deeper meaning.

He said: “The first few lines were just about having a nice Christmas, then it naturally turned to become about people who don’t have anyone to celebrate with.

“It wasn’t intentional, but I think it’s a subject that’s always on your mind if you’re walking about Glasgow at this time of year.”

To emphasise the point, the band came to Glasgow city centre at the end of November to film their video, which intercuts scenes of busy pubs and Christmas markets with homeless people.

Sam said: “We spoke to them all to ask if they were happy to be filmed and most were just thankful someone was talking to them.

“We really hope the video will make people think about how lucky they are and how different their lives could be.”

The video for ‘Another Christmas Day’ by Kardo can be found on YouTube, while the band will be performing it live, along with other songs, at The Gantry in Paisley on December 28.

Lead singer James added: “We are grateful for the support our friends and others have given us and hope to continue to produce lots of new music that more people will take an interest in.”