BARRHEAD neds left the community rattled after filming violent footage posing with weapons and drugs this week 10 years ago.

The YouTube page in question featured pictures of the Barrhead Bowery brandishing samurai swords, machetes and knives.

It also included pictures of drugs, huge stashes of alcohol and teenagers shouting abuse at cops.

The footage was uploaded onto the site in a bid to stir trouble with rival gangs who had also posted their own provocative videos.

Gang members then posted comments about each other and bragged about their reputations.

The site showed boasts from the yobs saying: “We’re scared of no-one and we will slice you up.”

The Barrhead News reported the page had been viewed almost 10,000 times since it was set up.

Police gave assurances they would be visiting the homes of those posing with weapons and speaking to their parents.

A spokesman for Strathclyde police said: “Officers will go to their homes to recover the weapons and we will be speaking to parents and making them aware of what their children are doing.

“We are continually monitoring these sites and the reality is that if you post yourself or others on the web carrying weapons, you can expect a knock on your door from our officers.

“Most parents are surprised by what their children are getting up to in their homes.”