ANGRY Barrhead residents accused the council of slipping up on roads after icy incidents in 2008.

Cumnock Drive, Clyde Avenue, Aurs Glen and others saw drivers lose control of their cars - with one plunging into a wall and another bumping a pedestrian.

Patrick Gallagher, of Cumnock Drive, said of the council’s roads department: “They just ignore this street all the time. The inefficiency of the road department is abominable. They know this is a school route. Children were involved in the accidents.”

A council spokesman said: “What happened was, it rained and froze, then rained and froze again. It was an extremely difficult situation.

“We cannot grit every drive and every side street.”

Roads chief Joe Devine added: “Householders are welcome to come to Thornliebank Depot to collect grit from us.

“Please bring a bucket.”