BARRHEAD’S low-level bus service was saved this week 10 years ago, thanks to Councillor Danny Devlin and the Auchenback community.

Concerns had been raised after bus firm Arriva withdrew its low-level services from the town.

However, during a meeting at the Auchenback Resource Centre (ARC), Frank Smith and Bert Hendry, of Arriva, announced that United Buses would provide three low-level services each day.

The meeting, organised by Councillor Devlin and members of ARC, was a great success.
Speaking at the time, Mr Smith said: “We are delighted to introduce three low-level bus services to Barrhead.

“These services began last Thursday and we will monitor their use in the community but we are stressing to people that they must use them or lose them.

“We are also in talks to provide a low-level service from Neilston to Paisley and we will be making an announcement on this in January.

“We provide a reliable and more efficient service and we are happy to step in and help people who would be stuck without a low-level bus.”

Councillor Devlin welcomed the news, saying: “The people of Auchenback need a reliable low-level bus service and I am happy that United are providing this.

“It is all down to the community who raised their views on the service being withdrawn.”