BARRHEAD train station was looking good in 2008 after being adopted by a local school, with interesting artwork and cheerful plants welcoming visitors to the area.

Pupils from Barrhead High created colourful posters and filled whisky barrels with greenery as part of the ‘Adopt a Station’ project.

John Yellowlees, external relations manager at First ScotRail, said at the time: “The background to all this was that Barrhead High School hosted a business lunch in March at which they talked to local industries.

“The idea emerged that the pupils might do some gardening. That’s why you can see two whisky barrels at the Glasgow-bound platforms.”

He added: “A comment was made that the underpass was a bit dull. Functional would be the polite word.

“We said that, if they wanted to brighten it up, they’d be very welcome.

“We provided poster frames and they came up with the attractive and interesting display you can see there now.”

The striking metre-high posters created by the talented S5 pupils depicted extraordinary shoes, inspired by themes such as architecture, botany and insects.

Pupils designed the shoes as part of their SQA folios, inspired by the style of famous designer Manolo Blahnik, with some hoping to pursue a career in fashion.

Lindsey Potter, principal teacher of development at Barrhead High at the time, said: “Feedback from locals has been very positive.”