A BARRHEAD care assistant is set for the trip of a lifetime as she heads for Mexico to represent Scotland in the Homeless World Cup.

Lynsey Clarkson, 34, has been selected to play for Scotland’s women’s team in the 16th edition of the tournament, taking place in Mexico City from November 13 to 18.

Now working at Millview Care Home, in Carlibar Road, Lynsey became homeless three years ago after losing her previous job as a nightclub steward in Glasgow.

She said: “I’d been there nine and a half years but a new manager came in and took a disliking to me and that was it, I was out of a job.

“I was living in Tollcross Road, in Glasgow, at the time and I couldn’t afford the rent, so I had to move out.

“I was staying with friends and family, sleeping on couches. I didn’t want to go into a homeless unit because they just put you anywhere and everywhere.”

Currently living with her brother in Nitshill, Lynsey is still classed as a ‘sofa surfer,’ without a permanent address.

In March, she was encouraged by her sister to attend Street Soccer sessions at Powerleague Glasgow.

The charity was set up to use football to change the lives of the homeless and people in poverty.

Lynsey said: “I used to play football when I was younger but gave it up when I was 16. I was looking to get back into it and my sister told me about Street Soccer. She convinced me to come along, saying it would be a good laugh.

“The first session, I absolutely loved. All the girls are fantastic, It’s an amazing team and they do a lot for you.

“They help support you if you have any needs, if you’re upset about life or whatever.

There’s a lot of girls in the team that have been through quite a lot of struggles, like rape and abuse, drug addiction.

“Everyone’s story is different, they all have their issues, but they all come together through playing football. They all get to have a laugh, some exercise, forget about their troubles for a while and go away feeling much better.”

After seeing Lynsey in action, coaches put her forward for the World Cup squad.

She said: “It’s going to be some experience. I think we’ll be going to Mexico a couple of days before it starts.

“All the girls are training together, getting to know each other, so we’re comfortable with each other when we head out. It’ll be amazing.”