THE Barrhead News exposed a hidden world of underage sex, drugs and violence among the town’s gangs this week in 2003.

An investigation of gangs such as ‘She Bowery’, ‘Barrhead Young Team Lassies’ and ‘Bowery Bhurds’ found them using the internet to promote their favourite drinks, boys and fighting prowess.

Individuals and pairs of girls, usually aged 14 or younger, posted pictures and gave shout-outs to fellow gang members.

One site’s author referred to a friend as “ma fello alaholic, shes aways steamin man! shes 14 anol.”

Another friend was said to be “the best fighter oota the lot e us!”

While much was too extreme to print, one song had the lines: “We are the bowery tarts, we’l rip those clothes apart... we away smoke n drink, dont care wot u think... we go up the toon every nite, run a mock n start a fite... so dont mess wae us coz we’re the bowery bhurds!!!”