SCOTRAIL has blamed “leaves on the line” for the removal of carriages from its Barrhead services – making journeys even busier than normal.

Recent analysis by Transport Scotland has identified train services from Glasgow Central to Barrhead as among the busiest in the country, with peak-time journeys regularly running at over 100 per cent capacity.

Despite repeated pleas from commuters asking for more carriages to be added, ScotRail has said it simply doesn’t have enough stock at this time.

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And this week, passengers have faced even more difficulties, with the company actually cutting back on the number of carriages to Barrhead.

Numerous commuters have endured overcrowded journeys or been forced to wait for another train because there simply hasn’t been room for them.

A number took to social media to vent their frustration, with Twitter user Maegann Scott commenting: “Two carriages on the Barrhead train in the morning isn’t enough, not enough room for a group of people to get on at Nitshill which is literally only the second stop.”

And Nikkie Shannon wrote: “@ScotRail drop the ball once again. Kilmarnock to Glasgow Central with two cars instead of four.

“At least 150 extra on the Barrhead to Central which means no-one else at stations in between will be able to get on. Another black mark on a failing travel system that won’t get any better.”

Meanwhile, ScotRail laid the blame for the disruption squarely on falling autumn foliage.

A spokesperson said: “Some of our Class 156 trains have received wheel damage, caused by leaf fall making trains slip or slide.

“Wheels normally as round as a 10p piece are looking more like a 50p piece. These are known as ‘wheel flats.’

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“We need to change the wheels at a depot. This is happening to a few of our trains this week.

“We’re sorry about this and our depot teams are working hard to get the trains back into service ASAP.”