IT has been another busy month for pupils at Barrhead High.

But more than a year since their new school building opened, how are students coping with the state-of-the-art environment?

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In this latest report from Barrhead High’s Journalism Club, correspondent Erin Love, of S2, highlights some of the school’s most impressive features, as well as its problems:

It’s been just a little over a year since the new Barrhead High School was opened, so I wanted to check how well the building, staff and, most importantly, the pupils have adjusted to life here.

The school was officially opened in January 2018 but was opened to the students at the start of August 2017.

So what’s been happening in the new school?

For starters, we have some of the best technology in the country, with lots and lots of chrome books and state-of-the-art interactive boards.

As much as these great features impact our school in so many positive ways, there are also downsides to the building, such as open classrooms.

Teachers in these classes sometimes struggle to keep pupils’ attention.

I asked Mr Beaton, who is depute head and year head of S2 and S5, what he thinks about the building.

He said: “It is excellent. I love the open plan, although the corner open classrooms are a bit of a pain when teachers have to speak over assemblies when they are going on.”

This is one of a few flaws that burden the new school.

I love the new building and am looking forward to all that we can achieve here.

As today’s (Wednesday) Barrhead News is published on Hallowe’en, fellow S2 pupil George Reid has penned a suitably spooky story about one of the school’s spectres.

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But is any of it true? We’ll let you decide...

The Legend of the Haunted Dinner Lady

Back in the old school building, there was a lovely dinner lady named Margaret. She was lovely, always polite and always giving out free food.

One day, she was making her beloved macaroni in a cauldron because it was Hallowe’en.

Mr Russell said: “Hey, catch this rock.”

She did catch the rock...but she fell backwards into the macaroni.

Mr Sinclair ordered Mr Scott and Mr Russell to put the cauldron in the back of the PE storage base and she wasn’t disturbed for 20 years...until the school got knocked down. Now she wanders the football pitch and frightens children on the path.