Parents are being urged to keep naked flames away from their children’s fancy dress costumes this Hallowe’en.

Family safety charity RoSPA is also asking all mums and dads to ensure that any costumes they buy for their kids carry a CE mark on the label.

Carlene McAvoy, RoSPA’s community safety development officer for Scotland, said that, while trick or treating can be great fun for children and their parents alike, celebrations can end in tragedy, with youngsters receiving life-changing injuries as a result of their costumes catching fire.

She added: “We want to encourage all children to get out there and enjoy everything that Hallowe’en has to offer but parents must remember that, no matter what their costume is, all clothing burns, so please ensure to keep these away from naked flames.

“If buying a costume, make sure to get it from a reputable retailer and ensure it carries a CE mark on the label. This will mean it has been tested against fire safety regulations and will burn more slowly if it does catch alight.

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“If making your own costume, remember that it won’t meet the same fire safety standards as clothing that has been tested.”

Carlene also stressed that following the tradition of making a Hallowe’en lantern can also have disastrous consequences unless proper care is taken.

She said: “If you want to make pumpkins, consider using battery-powered lights instead of candles.

“Also, if there are candles around, don’t leave them unattended – and keep a close eye on the children when they’re nearby.

“If going out in the dark for some trick or treating, make sure that all children can be seen easily. Kit them out in something reflective and let them carry a torch.

“We would also suggest that all children are accompanied by an adult.”

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